Services and Rates

Full day rate for mobile/live recording (Includes 8 hours on site plus up to 75-mile round trip drive time from San Mateo)$675.00
Half day rate for mobile/live recording (Includes 4 hours on site plus up to 50-mile round trip drive time from San Mateo)$375.00
Full day rate for mixing (Includes 8 hours of mixing plus two hours of revisions after reviews)$750.00
Half day rate for mixing (Includes 4 hours of mixing and one hour of revisions after reviews)$375.00
Contracting for live sound or recording (Venue supplied equipment)$65.00 HR

50% down payment required before any date is booked.
Balance due at end of project before materials are released.

-Possible Additional Charges

  • Most of the Bay Area falls within the 75 mile round trip radius. Drive time outside of the initial 75 mile roundtrip from San Mateo will be billed at $30.00 per extra 50 mile round trip.
  • Some live recording situations will require coordination with the venue engineers and their policies. This could require rental of extra equipment such as microphone splitters in order to separate your recording from the house sound. Once we’ve discussed your project a quote will be given for any special requirements.


  • Mixing is done at Sonic Seed Productions, a private studio.
  • Call to discuss other mixing location options.

-What You Get

This is your music so with payment of balance you get your multi-track recordings as 96 kHz 24 bit wav files and a rough two track mix. You can decide what’s best for your project but producing a final mix with Scenic Audio is always an option. Your files are available by downloads or hard drive transfers. Hard drives to be supplied by the client.