Mobile Recording at Your Scene

Your source for live and mobile multi-track recordings. Scenic Audio was created to capture the energy of live shows and mobile recordings in places other than a studio. Some of the best projects come out of bands performing live or recording in a comfortable space. Have a unique place to record? Always wanted to record your live shows? Give us a call so we can collaborate and discuss the best options for your project.

Our Services

On-Site Recording

Capture the energy of live shows and unique environments. Listen to our samples.


We offer full day and half day rates. Contact us for dates and times.

Industry Tools

Backup systems used to save performances in an event of a power outage.

Studio Available

Use our private studio for tracking and mixing.

Professional Experience

Over 20 years of experience in live sound and recording technologies.

What You Get

Your multi-track audio as 96kHz 24 bit wav files delivered by downloads or hard drive transfers.